Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap. Part II

In my May 8 posting with the same caption, I demonstrated how utterly disgusted I was with Zambry "the Zombie" of Perak, aided by lapdogs such as the Key Chain Hee and Lord Ganesan, for staging the coup de tat in Perak, right under the noses of Lord Siva and Mohd Nizar, the People's legally-elected Menteri Besar.

Politics and politicans aside, as that is the expected behaviour of power-hungry politicians, but what is more disgusting and unacceptable now is the antics and nonsensical conduct of Umno's chief goon and lapdog, Musang IGP and his band of Police Farce.

It seems now that he has successfully transformed Malaysia into a Police State, with his new-found "operasi tangkap, tangkap, tangkap, jangan tak tangkap". Of course with the blessings of his political masters la.

But the beauty with this operation is not directed towards the criminal kingpins who have been terrorizing the neighbourhood, nor the menacing "mat rempits", nor the bothersome glue-sniffers and the likes or the so-called extremists per se.

No. It's not.

It's against concerned ordinary citizens like you and me - who dare to voice out our dissappointment, frustration, objection and opposition to the ruling coalition's whims and fancies.
It's agaisnt the concernd ordinary citizens like you and me as tax-paying citizens - who are opposed to the oppressive and suppressive policies and practices they idolized.

It's against the concerned ordinary citizens like you and me - members of the oppositon parties, sympathisers of the opposition parties, and also against non-member and non-sympathisers of the opposition parties but who are opposed to the BN's policies and corrupt practices.

It looks like that Musang IGP and his Police Farce have an secret mission - to wipe out whoever are opposed to BN from this country called 1Malaysia.

This secret mission is believed to have hatched after the infamous PR12, where they were wiped out in Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Perak and of course, Kelantan. And since the Perak's debacle, the mission intensified. How else can they stop a legally-elected MB from being accepted by the electorates.

Musang IGP and his band of Police Farce can deny that. They can keep denying and denying. They always do. They can come out with thousand and one reasons, but the fact remains that to the eyes of the public, they are seeking out a revenge of sort against the opposition.

Otherwise, how could Musang IGP explain the storming of the Perak's Assembly and illegally detained the Speaker of the House, Lord Siva?.

And the ILLEGAL detention of those holding candlelight vigils, wearing black T-shirts?

And OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL detention of the 5 lawyers wanting to see their clients who were equally-illegally detained?

And the absurd detention of activist, Wong Chin Huat? For holding a press conference in conjunction with the Black1Malaysia Day?

And the detention of the 3 guys who sent the creatively-baked Aminatuya cake to the PM?

Plus the detention of elected representatives Teo Nie Ching and Jenice Lee for holding candlelight vigils?

Plus the arrests of many other holding candlelight vigils in Penang, Sarawak and Brickfields?

What about the arrest of Mohd Sabu, the PAS Vice-President?

Last but not least, how about the arrest of 14 people, including 8 elected representatives in Perak on May 26? That's not the end. Many more are coming. Just watch out.

The laughing stock is that the Musang IGP is too obsessed with his "operasi tangkap, tangkap, jangan tak tangkap" that he would scoop up just anybody, including the 5 foreign workers working for the event management company tasked with putting up the tents near Wisma DAP in Ipoh. Wakakaka.

And since when have the people under arrest being denied of the reasons for their arrests, as demonstrated by one ASP by saying, "Don't ask for the reason. I have my orders". Wakakaka.............wakakaka........

Musang IGP and his Police Farce will be too busy fighting off the oppositions; no wonder crime cases are on the rise. In no time the Police Farce will be relieved off their crime-fighting task to concentrate on anti-Umno oppression mission. The crime-fighting and prevention tasks will be taken over by the new territorial army under the command of Zahid Hamidi, another Umno's goon.


It's now very clear that Musang IGP and his Police Farce are very allergic to: Candlelights, Black Ts, Birthday cakes, fasting and tent/canopy.

So guys, if you have to wear/use/buy/do things such as:

1. candles (you guys better watch out, don't light it or even cogarettes in his presence),
2. black T-shirts (never ever wear black Tees),
3. birthday cakes (hide it if a police dog comes around),
4. puasa (break your fast immedately upon seeing a police machai)
5. tent/canopy (do not erect one)

Let's cheer up by singing this song together:
You better watch out
You better not shout
You better not light
You better wear white
'Coz Musang IGP is comiiiin to town"


Wah..ka...ka..ka....Bakal KM1 Pulau Pinang

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,

Memperkenalkan bakal KM1 Pulau Pinang; dan bakal Presiden MPPP.

Wah.....ka...ka...ka...Aaaiiiik.............tak mungkin, tak mungkin.

Inilah yang aku hairan sangat ni.

Takkan Brader Anwar tak ada taste langsung.
Takkanlah oleh kerana terlalu gilakan kuasa, dia sanggup tawarkan itu tawarkan ini kepada entah sapa sapa.

Tapi dengan Brader Anwar, macam-macam boleh jadi.

Kalau macam ni la taste dia, patutlah dia tak berpeluang langsung untuk menjadi PM Malaysia. Tapi kalau dipikirkan betul-betul, Brader Anwar ni bukanlah cerdik sangat pun.

Aku bukannya nak memperkecil-kecilkan si awek cun dari Mongolia ini, tapi banyak sangat cerita yang tak sedap didengar tentangnya. Mungkin cerita-cerita tu banyak yang karut, tetapi kata orang "kalau tak ada tahi, masakan busuk baunya". Kalau nak tahu lebih, baca sini.

Aisssshhhh tak percayalah aku. Atau adakah ini cuma sandiwara awek cun dari Mongolia itu saja. Atau dia telah di"Umno"kan. Eh, takkan tak tahu. Umno kan mempelopori slogan "Malaysia Boleh". Kalau nakkan bukti, dia orang boleh menjanakannya.

Hoi, akak!!!!!!! Yang dipegang atas kepala itu apa? CD tu si Linggam yang bagi ke? Itu dalam tangan kiri tu "ang pow" RM80,000 yang orang PKR bagi ke? Di sini.

Kenapa tak nak Kak?

Wanita pertama yang bakal menjadi KM PP.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap

I haven't blogged for a long time.

It's not that I want to pull down my site but I was so peeved off and utterly disgusted with the happenings in the (un)democratic Malaysia.

I had originally wanted to protest silently until a new government was installed in Perak. So I imposed upon myself a "no-blogging" rule until common sense prevails.

But it's not to be. It gets worse. I couldn't hold on any further. It gonna to explode. Yesterday's 7 May-hem in Perak forces me to come out from my self-imposed hiatus to demonstrate

how utterly disgusted I am

The Thief MB Zombie

for the way he upsurped power in Perak

The Musang IGP

for his inability to reduce petty crime (such snatch thefts)

and his Police Farce

pic fr antares

for their effectivness in

"Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap"


and many many more everywhere
it seems now that anybody can be "tangkap"
Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap
Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap
Tangkap, tangkap. Jangan tak tangkap

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jom Demo

Cops foil march to Istana

For once, the IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan talks sense.

But Tan Sri, was there a need for teargas? Did they get rowdy? Did they go on rampage, destroying public and private properties? I don't know because I was not there and will never be there.

This demo thing is very disturbing.

I posted about this demo thing earlier. See here.

Popularized by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, it is fast becoming “the way” of showing support for something or displaying rejection over something.

I do not know what you people out there think about this demo thing, which is slowly but surely creeping into our culture, but I for one, would never condone this demo thing, be it in support of the government or against it, be it in support of the opposition or against it. .

Demo is certainly not the way out. It is certainly not a show of support nor a show of power.

It is very worrying to see people joyfully taking parts in demo after demo, as though demos are some forms of funfairs, where people of common interest gather and have fun.

It is even more worrying to see young people taking parts in this cheap show, as if this is part of growing-up education or parenting older people are trying to instill in them.

Many of these people are “mat rempits” who know nothing why they are demonstrating about. Certainly people like them just want to have fun. They would joyfully but blindly jump in whenever there is a call for ”Jom Demo”.

I do not know if these people know what it means by demonstrating.
Demonstrating means baring your a**e to the public

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sivakumar, you never learn !!!

On March 3, I posted a Message to Sivakumar: You'll never win this war.

I said, among others,

"You're not fighting BN (read: Umno) only. You are also up against all the mights they can muster at their disposal. You're fighting the entire government machinery. The police are against you...........the public servants are against you.....the Assembly secretary.....the state legal advisor............ the Ipoh high court judge....."

It's not that I'm against you. As a strong proponent of democracy, I'm solidly behind you but your effort is futile at this moment in time.

Do you think the court will side you? Which judge is on your side now? Even there is, do you think he'll be given the opportunity to preside over your case?

Look, now the police and MACC are questioning you for convening the State Assembly under the tree. You're at their mercy now.

Save your energy. Save your effort. Let Mohd Nizar vs Dr Zambry's case be heard first. Obviously Mohd Nizar would not win (unless Pak Lah and Najib want to restore some of Umno's lost pride and dignity).

Let's pray hard fo the Sultan to come to his senses to dissolve the State Assembly due to the political impasse Perak is now facing.

Another alternative is to let time heals. Is the next election too long a time to wait?

I'm not asking you to give up, but be patient.

Kedah seeks royal immunity

The Kedah Royal Household Association will ask the Conference of Rulers to seek the restoration of immunity for the Rulers.

Association president Tengku Datuk Zainol Rashid Tengku Yahya said this was to ensure that certain parties did not belittle the Rulers, who are the pillars and protectors of the strength of the Malays.

If immunity is restored, the issue of mocking the Malay Rulers will probably not arise

I don’t mean to be rude or "derhaka", Tengku but if I may ask, “what immunity?”. Immunity from being sued in court?

Since Dr Mahathir “took away” their immunity, how many Rulers were brought to court?

Even there are, but look carefully into the reasons for such action.

What the Malay Rulers need now is not immunity. What the Malay Rulers need now is to act with propriety. That’s all. Everybody, including the Rulers, is expected to behave with decorum.

No law-abiding citizen has been brought to court yet.

Actually what the Malay Rulers also need now is “respect”, not LES MAJESTE. With proper behaviour and action, the rulers would be respected more than an ordinary rakyat.

Surely if they earn the respect, the issue of mocking the Malay Rulers will probably not arise.

Why after polls, Mr. Semi Value

MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has along list of projects to tackle for the people of Bukit Selambau, the party’s former stronghold.

He said the projects involved the construction and repairing of drains, houses and roads.

But they will only be carried out after the Bukit Selambau by-election on April 7

Ha...ha.....what a joke, Samy?

Question is why after the polls. Why not now and why not before.

It goes to say that Samy Vellu has done NOTHING for the people of Bukit Selambau in his umpteen years as MIC President and Cabinet Minister.

That is it.

That’s why the people of Bukit Selambau must reject whoever Mr Semi Value puts up comes April 7.

Samy is a gone-case already la.

Umno Perak kecut hadapi PR di Perak

UMNO kecut hadapi PR di Perak. Itulah tanggapan ramai, termasuklah seorang politikus Umno Perak. Katanya sentimen anti-Umno begitu memuncak. Rata-rata rakyat telah naik muak dan jelak dengan tingkahlaku Umno yang dikatakan tidak memberi ruang langsung kepada kerajaan PR untuk memerintah.

Dari dulu lagi apabila kerajaan campuran PAS-DAP-PKR ditubuhkan, tidak habis-habis Umno menggunakan taktik kotor - taktik "cah keting" untuk memporakporandakan kerajaan PR.

Bermula dengan acara lompat pagar yang melibatkan beberapa ekor katak peliharaan, ramai yang berpendapat BN/Umno tidak akan dapat menandingi PR secara gentleman. Sebab itulah Umno terpaksa menghadapi PR dengan taktik-taktik kotornya.

Umno dikatakan macam gila talak. Umno dikatanya tidak rela Perak dicina butakan oleh PR, biar pun untuk sepenggal. Segala tindakan kerajaan campuran PAS-DAP-PKR akan disabotaj.

Katanya selepas pilihanraya, rakyat berharap untuk memberi masa kepada kerajaan PR untuk memenuhi janji-janjinya dalam manifesto pilihanraya. Jika ia gagal, katanya, PR akan ditolak dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang kerana gagal mengotakan janji-janjinya.

Namun belum sempat kerajaan PR berbuat apa-apa, timbul usaha-usaha dengki Najib dan dibantu oleh Dr. Zamri untuk mensabotaj PR.

Oleh itu tidak hairanlah apabila kini saya melihat apa yang terjadi di Perak sekarang. Segala perbuatan terkutuk Umno umpama mensabotaj “cina buta” yang telah mengahwini (memerintah) Perak (bekas isteri Umno yang diceraikan dengan talak tiga) secara sah.

Sejak acara lompat berpagar untuk katak-katak peliharaan Umno di Perak, banyak sekali insiden-insiden sabotaj yang dilakukan oleh Umno di Perak yang pastinya akan memualkan lagi Umno di mata rakyat Perak.
  • Keputusan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya tidak mengiktiraf keputusan Sivakumar yang mengistiharkan kekosongan 3 kerusi DUN.
  • Penutupan Bangunan S/U Kerjaaan bagi menghalang Sivakumar daripada mengadakan persidangan DUN Perak.
  • Tindakan Setiausaha DUN Abdullah “Luntong” Sabri yang engkar kepada arahan Sivakumar untuk menghantar notis persidangan dewan.
  • Tindakan S/U Kerajaan dan Penasihat Undang-undang Negeri yang terang-terang berpihak kepada Umno.
  • Tindakan Ketua Polis Negeri yang menghalang Sivakumar daripada mengadakan persidangan DUN di Bangunan Kerajaan.
  • Tindakan Umno yang mendapat perintah mahkamah bagi menghalang Sivakumar daripada mengadakan persidangan DUN Perak.
  • Tingkahlaku Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman Ipoh yang menghalang Sivakumar diwakili oleh peguam-peguamnya.
  • Tindakan polis menyoalsiasat Sivakumar dan beberapa orang wakil rakyat kerana mengadakan persidangan DUN Perak yang didakwa tidak sah.
  • Tindakan MACC yang menyoalsiasat Sivakumar kerana didakwa menyalahguna kuasanya sebagai Speaker untuk mengadakan persidangan DUN Perak yang didakwa tidak sah.

Kesemua tindakan mahkamah, penyiasatan polis dan penyiasatan MACC ini tiada motif lain kecuali untuk melumpuhkan PR.

Jika inilah taktik Umno untuk terus berkuasa, maka tibalah masanya rakyat negeri Perak untuk membuat pilihan yang bijak pada pilihanraya yang akan datang. Berdosa besar sesiapa yang memilih pemerintah yang diketahui tidak jujur, tamak haloba, jahat dan berhati busuk .

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